"Esther Clair, a gifted and energetic artist, has the natural ability to capture in her artwork the exquisite and hidden beauty of your pet companions.  Her pet portraits are so full of life that they make you cry and smile at the same time."     -Dragos Boros, Romanian friend

"Good boy, Rusty!"
Wapanucha, OK

Along with all dogs, cat, horses, other pets and animals, Esther enjoyed bringing the above portrait to life!  While detail and texture are important, that 'inner being' or personality of each pet really makes the portrait a treasure whether the portrait is done in graphite and  colored pencil.  Technical pen, being a part of mixed media, can be added to your color portrait. Those examples are in the color pencil section. T-shirt designs and donations/certificates are available upon request.

Now taking orders for Mother's Day!

  Now, note cards are offered all year.  Belly bands, for ALL breeds, can be ordered from the Greyhounds  page.

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