Belly Bands-
The Smartly Dressed

Belly bands make a good training tool for male Greyhounds, Italian Greyhounds, and other small and large breeds during their younger, spirited years and during those older, dignified
years.  All dogs love to feel "smartly" dressed! 
Especially great for that male foster dog, or  greyhound! The machine sewn light weight cotton  bands have a 
soft fleece lining inside that will be against that tender area.  The fleece
also would collect the urine as well.   Some owners use an additional pad, too.
   It's a good idea to take one or two along while
traveling.  Just remember to remove the band once the dog is let outside to 
relieve himself!   A strip of Velcro, at either end,  will secure the band in place when placed
on the dog.  This Velcro will not touch the dog's body.

When the band is soiled, hand wash in warm water with a mild detergent, wring the band
tightly in a towel to remove excess moisture, and then, hang it over the shower rod in the 
bathroom, or laundry room.  The cotton will dry quickly. 
DO NOT place them in the 
washing machine or dryer! There is no way to know how much the material will shrink.  
It would be a good idea to order a set of two bands just 
in case you need a second one when the first one has been soiled!

The material patterns vary from time to time, but all are either prints or plaids.
I prefer these patterns as solids tend to show 'soil' easier.  The prints illustrate various themes:
sailing/harbor designs, horse designs, wildlife illustrations, and many others.   The inner
fleece lining does match a color in the print or plaid

On request,
all  Fleece bands are an option, but these will have a light cotton insert so pads may attach without damaging the fleece.  If this interests you, email me for further information.


     Breed   Quantity
         10 +
   Greyhounds &
    Large Breeds/
    $10.00ea        $8.00ea  23"-34" 
  and up
     Greyhounds &
      Small Breeds/
    $7.00ea         $5.00ea    

      NOTE:  Due to the rising mailing cost, there will be a $6.00 shipping/handling charge. 

In order to determine the correct size for your Italian greyhound, greyhound, mixed breed or other breed, measure the waist,  area in front of your dog's hind legs.  If the waist measures 25 inches comfortably, the band will measure 26-1/2 inches long.  The additional 1-1/2 inch measurement will give some flexibility to the band.  More room will be added upon request.


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